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Yarn Octopus Craft. You should keep them spread apart about 3 feet so your octopus will have long legs. Hold the knot and slide a pair of scissors into the loop of yarn opposite the knot.

Free Baby Projects Yarn Octopus
Free Baby Projects Yarn Octopus from freebabyprojects.blogspot.com.au

Place the ball under the cinched end and spread the yarn ove the ball as evenly as you can. It is an easy craft to make. Place the cotton ball in the fold of the yarn, then wrap the yarn around it and pinch just below the ball.

Free Baby Projects Yarn Octopus

Have some fun with this yarn octopus craft for kids! Make a cute octopus out of yarn and ribbons with this fun and easy project. This yarn octopus is a great way to get the entire family involved in crafting. This is a great project for groups of kids or family craft time.